Sunday, February 7, 2010


Renzi wanted to throw a surprise party for Lee Anne and I got to help some. We surprised her at Iguana for her 30th b-day. Ryan and I got a Flip camera for Xmas, so the surprise parties were the best place to test it out.

We went to Tulsa for Shiloh's surprise bowling birthday a few days later. It was so fun to see her and Jeff and to see her cute growing baby belly. Also, I really like how red Shiloh's face can get!

Xmas...a few months late

Yes, we're just now posting Xmas stuff...but at least it is getting posted. Ryan's family came into town to spend Christmas in Oklahoma. There was a big snow storm and because we didn't want anyone to have to drive, Eric, Jess and Silas ended up staying with us too. It was a full house for sure, but it was so fun for us all to get to spend time with each other. It was a good group to be snowed in with!
The girls: Alicia, Carolyn, Sara and Jess

Ian, Lily and Alicia
Eric, Jess and Silas
The Christmas Eve table set up
We made quiche from the "Made in Oklahoma" cookbook for Christmas breakfast. So good!