Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankful for Family Time

We are so thankful that we got to spend Thanksgiving with Max and Caster. Of course 4.5 days went by WAY too fast, but we enjoyed every second we had with them. We are also very thankful that even though this was sort of a last minute trip, Ryan and I were both able to be off work the entire time the boys were here (thank you Renzi and Trent!). We also squeezed in Christmas while they were here so that they could open presents from us with us, instead of just sending them in the mail. It is amazing how fast they can open gifts! We spent Thanksgiving Day over at Bob and Cindy’s house, most of Cindy’s family was in town.
Of course, it was hard to see the boys go. As of now, it looks like we won’t see them again until June…that is so far away.
Caster, Silas and Max

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