Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Boys are Back in Town!

We couldn't be more excited, Max and Caster now officially live in Edmond!!! It has been 7 years since Ryan has lived in the same state as his boys (and 3.5 years since they've been in the same country). Their mom was transferred to Tinker Air Force Base and she and her husband purchased a house in Edmond. They are on the other side of Edmond, but it only takes about 20 minutes to get to their house, we couldn't be happier! For the first 4-5 weeks they are going to stay at our house. They've got a trip planned with their mom and then they'll be back with us for a few weeks before school starts. We'll then have to figure out what the schedule will be once school starts. We can't wait to be a part of their lives more (in person anyways, we got pretty good at it over Skype and the phone). Bring on the parent-teacher conferences, homework, sporting events and school activities, we can't wait to be a part of it! But until school starts, it's a summer full of swimming, watching the World Cup, family time and all sorts of fun stuff.

The boys have gotten so tall! Sara is only about 1 inch taller than Max at this point. Ryan and Max are already wearing the same size shoes!

The first weekend they were here we went to Jeremy and Cori Hughes' wedding. It was so fun to be there for their big day. Of course we took the opportunity for some family pics, we all don't get that dressed up that often).

With Jess, Eric and Silas
Cori and the guys at their wedding.
With Scott, Autumn, Bob and Cindy
Cindy, Jeremy and Sara
Because the boys were still living in England when Max turned 13 (on May 10), we had a belated birthday party for him complete with steaks, cookie pizza and gifts when they got here. We're so excited that from now on we'll get to celebrate Max and Caster's birthdays on their actual birthdays instead of a month late or a month early (Caster's b-day is in September).
MMMMM.....cookie pizza
Max showing off his gift from Bob and Cindy

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