Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fireworks, bacon, Homer, blue teeth and more swimming

We spent the 4th of July over at the Feeback’s for a cookout. After the cookout (and about an hour of Caster wrestling their bulldog, Winston) we headed over to watch fireworks. We thought we’d outsmart everyone and watch from a parking lot across from UCO. We’ll the joke was on us, it took us 40 minutes to get out of the parking lot. The boys didn’t make it too far without falling asleep while we were trying to get out of the parking lot.

Walkers out.

Ryan taught Max how to make bacon and eggs…a very important skill for being a Walker boy. Max did a great job making his first bacon and egg breakfast.

The dogs were waiting patiently for some bacon to fall on the floor.

We've had a Chia Homer in a box for a long time (I am not sure why we have it)...well, he finaly made it out of the box. We'll keep you updated of how he's growing.

We weren’t sure how well the boys were really brushing their teeth. We found this mouthwash that turns their teeth blue and you brush it off…great invention, now we know they’ve really got clean teeth.

And more swimming...

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