Saturday, July 4, 2009

“Someone” found the book of temporary tattoos

So after the "marriage" was over, the cousins found the temporary tattoo book, so all the kids had tattoos for the reception. Caster went all out and this is what he looked like. Note the sword tattoo on his forehead.

Then I caught him on Max's bed adding a few more... And this (as of now) is the final product. I assume at some point he'll add a few more.

This was the conversation that took place at Bob and Cindy’s pool that afternoon:

Scott: “Caster, you look like Regan.”

Caster: “You know Regan, how do you know him?”

Scott: “Uh yeah…he’s a legend.”

Caster: “A tattoo legend?”

Scott: “Ha, um, sure.”

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