Friday, July 3, 2009

The “Marriage” of Eric and Jessica

Eric and Jess got married…but don’t call it a wedding, they’d rather refer to it as the “marriage.” After years of dating they got married on June 28th, their three year anniversary, in our backyard. Ryan got ordained in Oklahoma (he performed Leo’s wedding in Texas a few years ago) so that he could perform the ceremony. We were glad that we were able to be so involved with the marriage and the preparation. On Saturday, we made 180 cupcakes to make up the wedding cupcake cakes and there was a lot of yard work to be done. On Sunday morning we got up early, Ryan finished the backyard, Sara started cleaning, Jess finished icing her giant cupcake, Eric made the playlist for the reception and Carolyn got all the food ready. Shiloh, Autumn and Fallen set up at the Jazz Lab so that it was ready for the reception. It was a beautiful ceremony, Rev Ry did a great job and most importantly….the cupcakes were delicious!

Thanks Autumn for most of the pics...

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Lindsay said...

I love this post -- especially the before and after pics. You all did a lot of work and it really paid off.